ten wonderful jobs in the world, among them, the annual salary of sleep division is over 100,000!

In the recruitment market, every year, there is a news that it is difficult for fresh graduates to find jobs. However, in many cases, have we not reflected on our own problems? Is it really hard to find a job, or is it that one's own eyes are low? Haha, this editor is not good enough to comment. .

In the workplace, there are also some professions that are weird, but the salaries are scary. For example, sleep therapist, one of the world's top ten wonderful and high-paying occupations, is simply sleeping in, but the annual salary is as high as 100,000 yuan, which is simply the biggest benefit of lazy people.

Let's take a look at the world's top ten wonderful and high-paying occupations and which ones?

1. The annual salary of sleep division is as high as 100,000

Recently, a job advertisement of the well-known domestic health product brand melatonin was rated as one of the world's top ten high-paying jobs by netizens. The company recruits sleep teachers with an annual salary of up to 100,000, which is simply the benefit of sleeping in. According to the person in charge, the main work of sleep therapist is not only to regularly test the company’s products and write research reports, but also to personally experience the real sleep conditions of various occupational groups, and form scientific reports through analysis to help the individual or group improve sleep quality .

However, with high wages and low work intensity, sleep therapists have been rated by netizens as the world's top ten wonderful and high-paying occupations because they work while sleeping. A job like "sleeper" will be a rising career in the country for decades to come. So friends who suffer from procrastination and sleeping late, sign up as soon as possible!

2. Professional hug teacher (400 yuan/hour)

Sometimes a hug is worth a thousand words, and real physical contact will directly feel the warmth, so activities like FreeHugs are so popular. But do you know that there are professional hugs who specialize in hugging people? They will actually feel the psychological state of the needy and give hugs. Although this industry is often controversial, it is even called the world's top ten wonderful high-paying occupations, but it is actually very legitimate Industry, because they provide the best spiritual comfort.

3. Dog feed taster (US$40,000)

Nowadays, pets are becoming more and more precious, and there are many kinds of dog food on the market, but dogs are different from humans. Many things cannot be eaten. Therefore, many owners will try to confirm whether there are any problems before feeding them. Kind of psychological effects). But in fact, there really is a job as a dog feed taster in the world, who is the first gatekeeper for the owner. Although this kind of profession is rated as one of the world's top ten wonderful and high-paying professions by netizens, it can give pet owners peace of mind.

4. Food designer/food stylist ($330,000)

Although there are designers for clothes, there are also designers for food. This profession is called a food stylist. Generally, you use photos or models for reference before you eat it, so as to avoid stepping on thunder without a concept. , And the beauty of the photos/models is the biggest key. Of course, there are also many netizens who say that food is always in your mouth and there is no need to engage in art, but I want to say that rich people just like it.

5. Golf diver ($50,000)

Golf courses will have green trails, water obstacles, sand pits and other designs to increase the difficulty and fun of playing, but how to deal with balls that fall into the water? Never let the golf ball fill the pond, golf divers will dive in Picking up golf balls in the water and calculating the number of salaries means that the more you pick up, the higher the salary. (Depending on the situation)

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